Change is on the way.

A brand-new feature that has been considered one of the most significant additions to Snapchat is about to change the identity and whole dynamic of the app. Not to mention the 100 million plus Snapchat users that engage on a daily basis, who will soon approach this social media platform in a new light.

Some “snappers” are drawn to the immediate here-and-now aspect of the traditional Snapchat, communicating through pictures and videos that disappear in 10 seconds or within 24 hours as a snap story vanishes into thin air. It sets the app apart from media-sharing locations like Facebook and Instagram that are centered around permanency. However, some social media users may have been dissuaded from dabbling in the service for this very reason, desiring a platform that allows them to look back and admire pictures being shared. With Snapchat’s new Memories feature, people may just get the best of both worlds.

Memories will provide a searchable archive of pictures and videos that can be stored, reexamined, and shared a second time by users. It acts like Snapchat’s personal camera roll and will ease the trouble many face in a frantic attempt to save an embarrassing video or stunning sunset image.

Snappers will have the ability to pick through a collection and contribute an old memory to a current snap story – recognized by a white boarder around the frame of the old picture or video.


As it is gently shuttled into the grasp of the public, Snapchat must have a number of grand expectations.

Having greater media permanence could attract more users, namely an older population who is already familiar with the concept of Facebook.  Not to mention the potential marketing opportunities that could accompany its implementation. For the savvy advertiser, it may be the perfect location to grow a brand or display information on a consistent basis.

Currently, daily snap stories are crafted by recognizable magazines and news sources including Buzzfeed, ESPN, Cosmo, and CNN which are then displayed alongside the users own personal friends’ stories. They have been received quite well by the Snapchat community and provide a free, mobile news source for the many people who have discontinued their paper delivery.

But there’s more…

“The company is for the first time beginning to show users ads in between their friends’ stories,” explains Alex Fitzpatrick of Time magazine. “Allowing Snapchat users to make stories with older footage [through Memories] could result in more stories, which in turn means more room for ads.”

Ultimately, similar to the way ads find their way onto the outskirts of your Facebook page or a “Sponsored” image appears on your Instagram feed, companies will begin looking more and more at Snapchat as a means of transmitting products, services, and ideas. And why not? It has increasingly become one of, if not the, most popular social networking site among millennials.

Memories will definitely be a fascinating addition to the Snapchat world.  Attracting more users and gaining more space for advertising seems to be an ideal combination for interested markets.

-Cameron C.