It’s no secret that social media has taken over the Internet waves. From thumbing through breaking news via Twitter to sharing exciting milestones on Facebook, social media has become almost as important for companies as it has for your average tech-savvy grandmother trying to keep up with her grandkids. At Intrepid, we have discovered these four tips to transform your company’s social media from fruitless to favored.

  1. Exploit the cover photo. At Intrepid, we like to utilize the cover photo as much as possible because it has endless Facebook benefits. For one, the cover photo is always public, even if your profile is set to private. But most importantly, the cover photo is, obviously, the largest visual piece of a Facebook profile. It is a perfect location to promote, captivate, entertain and grab users’ attention with aesthetically pleasing graphics or an enticing photo. Whatever your company’s preference, treat this space as your company’s free, personal billboard!
  1. Timing is everything. It’s time to use a little common sense. There are times to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and there are times to not post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let’s agree that 2:00 a.m. is off the table. Our research has led us to conclude that timing of posts depends on which social media outlet you choose. For example, Facebook posts should be uploaded at a different time than an Instagram photo to achieve maximum engagement. Whichever outlet your company chooses to utilize, ensure your message reaches a large audience by understanding the “hot” times to post.
  1. Images are important. People like to see, rather than read: we’re visual creatures. Whenever possible, try to attach an image to your tweet, as posts with images receive more retweets than posts without. Sometimes it is not possible to add a photo, so don’t force it. At Intrepid, we have found the best way to solve an image-less crisis, is to use quick and efficient messages with Twitter. However, whenever possible incorporating images into your posts will greatly increase activity.
  1. Interact, interact, interact. When users comment on a post, they are taking the time out of their day to do so. As a company, you should do the same. If a user comments on a recently uploaded photo, respond. A simple “thank you!” will suffice. Interacting with users is a great and easy way to create a relationship with that person. Remember: comments, retweets and shares raise a post’s weight on a news feed/timeline. Take the time to intermingle with your followers, not just for the post relevancy, but to establish a positive and long-lasting rapport.

Follow these simple suggestions to create a pristine and memorable presence for your company’s social media.

–Megan G.