Yahoo recently announced their list of the top Halloween costume searches of 2014. Topping the list was the forever-classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, followed by the Great Gatsby, The Black Widow from Avengers, and Anna from Frozen. Halloween is now the second largest grossing holiday behind Christmas, with 113 million Americans said to hand out candy each year. So for brands, this is the perfect opportunity for boosting visibility through spook-tacular Halloween campaigns.

Oreo has launched a spooky vine for 2014 featuring a “Nomster” in “The Oreo Laboratorium” in a short, 7-second video.  The campaign asks Oreo fans to create a name for the Nomster.

Oreo has sparked a bit of competition, naming a winner on each social media channel.


oreo facebook


oreo twitter

Check out their Instagram for more Nomster stories and their Pinterest board for creative Halloween themed Oreo creations!

Chipotle is changing it up this year with their BooRito fundraiser for the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation offering $3 burritos, bowls and tacos to anyone sporting a Halloween costume in the restaurant. To get their customers excited for the big day, Chipotle released this creative animated video of the chipotle scarecrow:

The scarecrow was previously featured in 2013 in a longer story about his quest to find wholesome, sustainable food.  The short film is intended to promote their new app-based game that lets customers experience the “quest” for themselves.

Target has come up with a way to take Instagram, a typically static form of communication, and turn it into an engaging and interactive experience this year with their “Halloween Hills” trick-or-treat game.  Each Instagram features a split image, each side being tagged with “trick” or “treat.”


The Instagram caption instructs you to “knock once to trick-or-treat,” then you are prompted to click either trick or treat. If you select trick you are redirected to another Instagram with DIY project ideas. If you select treat you are sent to an Instagram featuring recipes such as, “Pumpkin Brains Punch.”

ig 1

How exactly does a toothpaste company market their brand on a holiday that doesn’t exactly promote dental health? Crest finds the perfect balance with this video featuring the “Effects of Halloween Candy” by loading up kids with a lot of sugary candy and observing the results. Their angle: when all is said and done and Halloween is over, Crest will have your teeth covered.

The concept was also brought to the Twitter-verse with shorter, spin-off content:


And Facebook, offering coupons for their post-Halloween teeth cleaning needs:


And as always, my favorite Halloween tradition is sampling all of the creative Halloween themed treats that are released this time of year. Something new this year, Candy Crush—one of the highest grossing app-based games ever—released real life candy versions of their candy color bombs, and the best part: now they’re Halloween-themed.

candy crush

And yet again, Krispy Kreme did not disappoint with this year’s new Trick or Treat doughnut, which includes a “Taste your Fate” element—a surprise filling of either Trick (fizzy lime) or Treat (chocolate truffle) filling.


Be sure to dress up and go trick or treating at Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut!

-Emily S.