A weekend of grilling out, playing games, and a lot of fireworks has come to an end. Starting another week of work after the 4th of July holiday can be extra harsh for most Americans who had to put their nose back to the grindstone yesterday. However, before getting back into your daily routine, we have to look back at one of the most memorable weekends this country has experienced in years.

No better place to start than the U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup soccer game. An event that happens once every 4 years had America’s attention more than ever with a trip to the quarterfinals on the line. People all over the country found a way to watch this game, whether it was calling in sick or watching the game at the office. If neither of those options worked out for you, the use of social media would have done just fine. Millions of people were tweeting during the game, and even broke Twitter records.

From a global perspective, here are a few statistics that show just how popular this game was:

Businesses around the world jumped on this opportunity to market. Many American-based companies were live-tweeting during the games to entertain and attract followers.

Even though the U.S. eventually lost a heart-breaker in extra time, not even that outcome could stop the patriotism and excitement. Win or lose, the World Cup rejuvenated people’s love for this country. There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate that renewed patriotism than with the 4th of July weekend.

Countless teams and companies looked to social media platforms to share their 4th of July experiences.

Happy 4th of July, #PantherNation!

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The look of choice today in #Rio. #USAvsGER #WorldCup #LetsDoThis #Budweiser

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Even Spotify joined in on the fun by publishing every state’s most played 4th of July song. As a fun experiment, Paul Lamere, director of developer platform for Spotify subsidiary, The Echo Nest, looked into how the 50 U.S. states stack up in terms of what they listen to on the Fourth of July.

4th of july states


These are just few examples of how different social media platforms kept everyone connected throughout the holiday weekend. When looking back, it’s clear how rare this 4th of July really was, being on the heels of our historical World Cup run. Social media help spread the Fifa fever and revved up our American spirits. While this weekend brought out the patriotism in everyone, it’s a reminder that you can never go wrong with representing too much Red, White, and Blue.