Congratulations Facebook! Ten years and still going strong!  What an amazing impact Facebook has had on our social lives these past ten years, and we hope for ten more from the same incredible brand you have established. Facebook has truly changed the way we see the world and has connected millions of friends and family all over the globe. It has become how we communicate and stay in touch, how we meet new people and keep old friends! In a more business-minded approach, Facebook has also created a magnificently interconnected web for the biggest to the smallest company to communicate and let people know about their brand, culture, product and service.  Check out this “Turning 10, Thanks to You” post Facebook uploaded earlier today:

Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary today, Tuesday, February 4, 2014, after a roller coaster first decade that has seen it impact the tech, business and cultural landscape in numerous ways. The site now boasts more than a billion monthly active users and continues to grow and connect people in various ways. Initially launching as a site just for US college students on February 4, 2004,, quickly grew to be a go-to destination for non-students as it opened its doors to the general public in 2006.

The incredible ascension that Facebook has made can be attributed to their CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has seen most of its revenue come from advertising and saw its value exceed $153 billion. Over the past ten years, Facebook has seen it its company go from 5 founders to 6,337 employees.

Many industry news outlets are celebrating with and sending well wishes to the social media platform.  Check out Mashable’s Hand-Drawn History of Facebook here:


Facebook has also created sentimental “Look Back” videos for its users, summarizing each user’s experience since joining Facebook in a personalized one-minute video.  The video contains user’s most-liked photos, statuses and life events.  Visit to see yours!

Ten years is a lot to celebrate, and the astronomical growth over the past decade that Facebook has seen is an unbelievable milestone. So from us at Intrepid Marketing, we want to say a well-deserved congrats for an unparalleled rise to the top! Happy ten year anniversary!

-Braxton D.