Sports fan or not, viewers can agree that one of the main reasons we watch the Super Bowl is to see the commercials. Not long ago, we all had to wait for the big day to watch these advertisements. However, marketers are now uploading “teasers” for the commercials in hopes of creating pre-game buzz and winning the conversation. Google has facilitated advertisers ability to do this more than ever in 2014.


Google has launched its gallery of teaser video clips to the annual YouTube Ad Blitz channel. The channel began with the 2012 Super Bowl, but has upped its game for 2014. Instead of just having viewers vote for their favorite ads after the game, the channel now offers a gallery of teaser clips. According to the results gathered from the 2013 Super Bowl, commercials uploaded to YouTube prior to the game received about 3.4 times more views on average than those released the day of the game. Corporations taking advantage of this statistic include Butterfingers, Doritos, Intuit, Squarespace, and Pepsi. What was once a one day event now spans for as long as 13 weeks.

Sports Grid has already determined some of the front runners in the commercial game by listing their power rankings. Among the top ads are Axe Body Spray, Jaguar, and Dannon Yogurt.

Here is a look at a couple of the top teasers.

This ad is not what you were expecting. Axe Body Spray’s commercial, “Axe Peace: Make Love, Not War”, surprisingly does not focus on beautiful young women seeking men drenched in cologne, but on world peace.

The three “Full House” stars, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget, reunite for the Dannon Oikos commercial. Stamos, who has been a spokesperson for the yogurt for a couple of years, says the commercial will be surprisingly funny.

After the Super Bowl is over, viewers can log on and vote for their favorite ads. Voting continues through February 13 and Ad Blitz will post the winning ad on its homepage on February 18.

Anticipation remains for the other mutilmillion-dollar commercials to come. Many rumors are surfacing the web about the commercials. One of which includes David Beckham endorsing H&M in the first Super Bowl commercial ever to let you buy the products seen directly from your TV. According to Business Insider, the ad will feature technology from e-commerce company Delivery Agent that allows viewers with Samsung smart TVs to purchase the clothes Beckham is wearing directly from their TVs. Many commercials are looking to provide an X factor such as this to their 2014 campaign.

Be sure to tune into Fox on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 PM to see what this year’s Super Bowl commercials are all about!

-Rachel M.