Our intern Katie reports on some awesomely huge new advertisements.

What could be more fascinating than enormous reminders of your favorite shows or actors?

Britain wins the past week for now being the home to two monstrous new sculptures that are designed to be advertisements in themselves.  According to AdWeek, it took a team of three sculptors to create a 40-foot-long dragon head which “washed up” in Dorset, England.  The dragon head is actually an advertisement for the popular show “Game of Thrones,”  an HBO adaptation of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R. R. Martin.  The third season premiered in the spring of this year, and the fourth is set to premiere this fall.

GAME OF THRONESThe ad originates with the movie and TV streaming service BlinkBox, which was proud to announce the arrival of Season 3 of the show on its site this week.  The PR company Taylor Herring is responsible for this incredible monster.  It is inspired by an actual scene from the series, in which a main character discovers a dragon skull in a dungeon. According to the Huffington Post, this giant was installed overnight to give the appearance that the skull had washed up on shore.

This is not the only huge advertisement lying around Britain, however.  Anyone who happens to be a fan of the BBC’s 1995 TV series version of Pride and Prejudice will love this:  a 12-foot-tall sculpture of Mr. Darcy, just emerged from his swim in the lake, appearing to be dripping wet.  AdWeek reported earlier this month that this new fiberglass sculpture is an advertisement for the BBC’s new Drama channel.

MR DARCYMr. Darcy first made his debut in London’s Hyde Park in the beginning of July, but he has a final destination (and semi-permanent home) waiting for him in Cheshire’s Lyme Park, where the scene from the series was originally filmed. Guess who is responsible for this giant sculpture? You guessed it: Taylor Herring.

Taylor Herring, a London-based PR agency, is famous for their unconventional advertising stunts.  Their past projects have included a Stonehenge made out of cars, a crop circle designed to look like a clients’ logo, and a floating iceberg sculpture complete with polar bear.

These sculptures created plenty of hype for Game of Thrones and the BBC’s new Drama channel, and that’s why they catch our notice.  Let us know which of your favorite shows or movies you’d want to see advertised like this in the comments section!