For this week’s Fun Friday, our intern Katie explores World Cup advertising on Twitter.

Twitter is really jumping on the opportunity to sell ad space for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is 11 months away.  According to AdAge, Twitter has already started readying themselves to begin selling promoted trends for the World Cup, which is one of the most popular sports tournaments in the entire world.

What’s special about the promoted trends this time around is that for the World Cup they will have global reach.  This means that auction winners for the promoted trends will have their trends at the top of the list in 50 countries across the world!

The winner of the auction will definitely have to empty their pockets for the coveted advertising spot.  The claiming price for one of these trend packages is $600,000, and the potential overall price for one of them climbs into the millions.  There are three different packages: gold, silver, and bronze.  The auction for the gold package is set for July 25, and the auctions for the other two are to be on July 30.


The World Cup has inspired some very creative ads in the past, but the Twitter sponsored trends expand these ads into conversations, which can be connected by searching for the trending topic or hashtag.  Past ads from global brands have included many commercials and online ads, but promoted Twitter trends make sense, as AdAge says, that there are over 47 million soccer fans using the service.  According to a list of past ads from The Inspiration Room, global brands that have advertised worldwide during previous World Cups include Adidas, Nike, Amnesty International, Visa, and Coca Cola.  We may see these companies fight for a chance to purchase an ad package from Twitter later this month!

The 2014 World Cup fits Fun Friday because of the atmosphere it creates.  Global celebration over one beloved sport definitely creates an international hype – and it looks like some advertisers want to start early!  Let us know what you think in the comments section!