Our intern Katie reports on brands’ advertising centered around this patriotic holiday.

The Fourth of July is the great American holiday. It is an excellent opportunity to eat, be with our families, and make as much noise as we can. Some brands are taking advantage of the patriotic atmosphere and promoting their products in creative ways. Here is a report on two brands’ very American (with a very literal twist, for one of them) ad campaigns!

#1: Chevrolet

Pick-up trucks have turned into an icon for American work ethic and toughness.  According to MLive, Detroit-based Chevrolet will debut the new Chevy Silverado on television on the 4th, playing off of this attitude towards their top-selling vehicles. The commercial, which has already been posted on YouTube, features the song “Strong,” sung by Will Hoge.

The commercial revolves around the strength of the owners of Chevy trucks, and it conveys a very positive attitude towards American diversity and hard work. The montage of different people at work or driving on varying types of terrain in the great American landscape definitely ties in with July Fourth patriotism.

The ad will initially air in Texas, which MLive points out is the “heart of truck country.” This makes a lot of geographical sense, as GM points out that one of every six trucks sold is sold in Texas.

The most unique part about the commercial is that the song “Strong” will be available as a music video and as a download, bringing the brand’s iconic American spirit right to consumers’ headphones. It’s a great idea that suits a great holiday!

#2: Newcastle

It may come as a surprise that the very British brand Newcastle is making a Fourth of July push in the U.S., but they do so in a very effective and humorous way.  According to AdWeek, Newcastle is creating a new holiday: Independence Eve. The holiday is intended to “mark all things British that Americans gave up” when they declared independence from Britain.

Here’s the kick: Newcastle released the “Revolutionary Koozie” to bars across the States, to be handed out this evening. On one side of the koozie is a British flag, on the other an American one.  At midnight, people are supposed to turn their bottles 180 degrees to celebrate our ancestors officially becoming Americans.  It’s an ingenious way to create a niche for a brand that seemingly has no place in a bar on this most nationalistic of holidays.

Newcastle really came out ready to win big with this hilarious ad campaign.  They integrated Twitter, Facebook, and promotional materials to make “Independence Eve” really happen.

The Fourth of July is definitely a great day for families, kids, and all Americans – but why not brands, too?  Let us know what you think about these ads in the comments section!