Our intern Adam weighs in on Google+’s two-year anniversary.

When Google Plus was introduced in 2011, it received a lot of buzz and a lot of criticism that it was too similar to the social media powerhouse, Facebook.  Now, exactly two years later, Google Plus has quietly become very successful.

According to Business Insider, Google Plus had become the world’s second largest social network.

As of May, 2013, Google Plus had 359 million active users.  While Twitter is growing more rapidly in terms of users, it trails Google Plus with only 297 million users.  Facebook is easily the largest social network with 701 million active users.

Google Plus has a lot of features that make it similar to Facebook and Twitter, such as the ability to make a profile, write updates, add photos, and follow other users.  However, Google’s social network has a number of features that make it unique as well.

Google plus communities allow users to connect with other users that share similar interests.  Hangouts also allow for video calls with up to 10 people.


While Facebook is commonly used to connect with friends, Google Plus is geared more towards connecting with random strangers that share similar interests.

In a time where social media is so important in the business world, many of Google Plus’s features are also beneficial to companies.  The social network allows businesses to connect with consumers that have specific interests, have video calls with clients, and live-stream a conversation or event publicly.

Now that it is the two-year anniversary of Google Plus, we have seen how much it has grown.  Does it ever have a chance of catching up to Facebook?  What do you think?