Our intern Katie discusses the success of several commercial campaigns.

There are multiple winners of the weekend this week. Why? Commercials and videos! Multiple brands have stepped up their advertising game recently in creative ways. Here is a review of each new campaign and why it’s a definite weekend winner!

#1: Geico

Geico has one of the most memorable one-liner quotes of all time (“15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”). This phrase has been said in Geico commercials for so long that it turned into a source for jokes and spoofs.  Geico’s new ad campaign plays off of that successfully, instead of letting it become a weakness.

According to AdWeek, Geico’s new mini campaign revolves around the overuse and familiarity of the phrase, and involves new silly jokes to keep the audience’s attention.  The ads involve someone reading “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” off of a billboard or advertisement, and then someone else dismissively saying: “Everyone knows that!” Then the first speaker comes up with a random joke fact, like the example below:

Why does this mini campaign win the weekend, though?

It plays off of Geico’s weakness: too much familiarity with the brand’s main message. It does so with humor, bringing a fresh perspective to the brand with a history filled with cavemen and geckos. This makes Geico a definite winner in the world of advertising!

#2:  The European Tour

Rory McIlroy stars in a charming (though four-minute-long) commercial in which he competes against a robot named Jeff and tries to hit golf balls into washing machines. There are some pluses and minuses to the commercial, but overall it comes out a winner.

The ad is for golf’s European Tour, appropriately utilizing the young Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy, an internationally acclaimed golfer, to keep the ad upbeat and pleasing.  One of the ad’s weaknesses actually becomes a strength here: McIlroy is by no means a professional actor, and his giggling was termed by AdWeek to be “incessant.”  The lack of polish is what makes the ad so appealing. It really keeps the audience in tune with McIlroy’s personality and youth.  It is not meant to be shown often (the four minute runtime is on the overly-long side) but it’s supposed to showcase McIlroy, the attitude he takes towards the challenge of the game, and the unique qualities the European Tour has to offer (short of actual robots).

Overall, the European Tour is also a weekend winner for a cheering ad that focuses on the game and the player, rather than branding.

#3:  Activision

Actvision, one of the world’s leading video game brands, takes the winning prize for its work with YouTube advertising.  AdAge reports on their video-integrated ad strategy, calling it a good blend of professional content and user-created how-to videos and reviews, especially as regards the brand’s most popular franchise: Call of Duty.  AdAge’s article says that Activision’s Vice President of Digital Marketing, Jonathan Anastas, says that “a super large percent of our YouTube content is created for YouTube exclusively.”  This means that the brand depends on user views and responses to make their campaign viral.

The company also courts leading YouTube content producers to help them create videos for the promotion of the Call of Duty franchise.  The most stunning aspect of Activision’s work with YouTube is the addition of a streaming feature to the Call of Duty game in which players can stream their gameplay to the site.  The beauty in the Activision strategy is how well they have covered their bases; the incorporation of user-created content was inevitable if the company chose to advertise on YouTube, but they took it to the next level.  Activision definitely wins the weekend!

The above three advertisers each took a unique approach to their newest campaigns.  Building off of their past campaigns, taking risks, and using new methods of advertising has clearly worked for Geico, the European Tour, and Activision.  Kudos to all three!

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