Our intern Katie reviews the new Snapchat update for kids.

The timed picture-sharing app Snapchat has released an update that will allow users under 13 years of age to register for a more toned-down version of the app. “SnapKidz,” however, is currently only available as an iOS update and lacks Snapchat’s main feature: picture sharing.


According to Mashable, until now Snapchat has not permitted users under the age of 13 to register for the service.  Snapchat has, indeed, in the past received some frowns for its ability to propagate the sending of inappropriate pictures.  The app permits the smartphone user to take a picture, draw on it or type text on it, and send it for up to 10 seconds to someone on their friend list.  After the allotted time the sender chooses for the photo, it is deleted from the Snapchat servers forever!  The sender does have the ability to save their masterpiece to their own phone, and sometimes receivers can take screenshots of the photos they receive.

The kids’ version of the app would not include the ability to add friends or send photos.  It is essentially just a photo and doodling app, just for younger phone users.  When younger users try to register for the app, it declines to save their information or create an account for them and allows them access to SnapKidz instead.

According to Forbes, Snapchat claimed this month to have 5 million daily users.  The new iOS update to the app for kids may be another step in the startup’s newest round of user recruitment.  However, it may also have something to do with the company’s newest round of fundraising.  According to the Snapchat blog, the Snapchat team has welcomed Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) as their new lead investor.  They cite server costs and the need for a larger engineering team as their main expenditures that are requiring large-scale financing.

It looks like kids (kidz?) definitely steal the spotlight in this edition of Fun Friday! Snapchat definitely has a lot to offer, and it’s great that they are looking to expand their services and their company!

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