AdWeek just released the top 10 YouTube advertisement videos for the month of May, and some of them won’t surprise you.  For instance, Old Spice, a veteran in comedic advertising, earned the #3 most-watched spot with their ad, “Baby,” featuring the recognizable Terry Crews.  They also scored the #9 slot with “Shave.”

Comedy may not have carried the day, however.  Some of the winning ads were engaging in their simplicity, like the #1 most-watched ad, which was a teaser for the upcoming video game “Call of Duty: Ghosts.”  It featured a montage of various warriors and fighters without any hints at their ties to the plot or gameplay.

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On a video streaming site like YouTube, which works better? Humor or seriousness?

The teaser ad for “Ghosts” is currently nearing 11 million views (the actual trailer has already exceeded 13 million, but trailers are ineligible for the AdWeek Top Ads list).  In contrast, the Old Spice ad “Baby” has exceeded 6.5 million views.  Does the view count actually reflect the effectiveness of one mood over another?

OldSpiceWieden + Kennedy, the masterminds behind the the comedic Old Spice campaign, began with Isaiah Mustafa on a horse back in February of 2010.  That commercial landed the #10 spot on BleacherReport’s list of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Though Call of Duty may have beaten Old Spice (and the other funny ads on the list, like Kmart’s “Big Gas Savings”), funny ads just work.  They are very memorable and they tend to show up on the top-rated charts more.  YouTube views in this case may not reflect how well a certain type of mood works in an ad.

Comment below and let us know: Do you think funny or serious ads are more effective?