The relatively new video-based social media platform Vine just officially released an app for Android!  This move comes about five months after the iOS version became available, and the startup behind Vine was acquired by Twitter in October of last year, according to All Things D.

The iOS version of the app has become massively popular, the platform racking up 13 million users since its launch, according to TechCrunch.  The incredible part about Vine is its simplicity – users take six-second video clips just by touching the screen.  The limitations of the Android versus the iPhone version are noticeable, such as an inability to use the front-facing camera, but there are some new features just for Android users, including camera zooming.

vine-app-hed-2013In addition, branded Vines are becoming increasingly popular.  The video technology company Unruly noted that, on average, five tweets per second contained a Vine link, and 4% of the Top 100 tracked Vines includes branded content.  Vine is a creative way to make interesting (very) short films, but some companies are utilizing it to stay ahead of the competition in the world of social media.

For example, the Lowe’s #FixInSix Vine campaign features super-quick tips for home improvement.  This kind of branded content is virtually unheard-of, since no previous video-sharing app has had Vine’s widespread success. In fact, the audience for branded Vines may actually lie on Twitter, according to AdWeek.  As of yet there are no special features for verified brands and companies, but Vine is still relatively new.

The winners of this weekend are Android users, but brands are also winners in that they are going to benefit from an expanded audience that’s worth more than six seconds’ attention.  Kudos, Vine and Android!