How is your bracket coming along? … That’s what I thought.  This year’s March Madness has not disappointed.  Unless you had the Eagles from Florida Gulf Coast versus La Salle in the Sweet 16 and the Shockers from Wichita State in the Final Four, then your bracket probably looks a little bit like the ones in our office.   Let’s get away from bracket pool speak and get on to one of the best advertisements in recent years.

Everyone knows Buffalo Wild Wings for their commercials and how they find a way to create something that extends the game.  They found a way to make a commercial and get it into a spot in the madness that has ensued this year.  After the Kansas-Michigan game went into overtime they produced a spot that slid perfectly into the first slot after regulation came to a close.  The commercial was simple and to the point, not to mention genius.  “Who expected this game to go into overtime…? We did.” They took to Twitter and Facebook and received many comments and retweets saying “well played” and “THAT COMMERCIAL WAS GREAT.” This commercial is the ideal commercial for BWW because it builds on their premise from nearly every ad that the game should be continued, and they had the capability to do so.  They decided now was the time for that game into overtime and let the viewers wonder if they actually did have ways of keeping the game going.



As you read in our previous March Madness post, commercials become more expensive as the tournament progresses.  This year it will be uncertain how the commercials will pan out due to the fact only one #1 seed is still in the tournament yet a Cinderella story in the Wichita State Shockers is in the Final Four.

Let us know your Final Four or future predictions as well as what your favorite ad from March Madness in the comment sections below.