Google+, which launched in June of 2011, is best known as Google’s latest attempt at jumping into the social media market. Google+, much like Facebook, is a place where friends can come together and share links, pictures, and stay in contact with one another. Google+ ranks second in users only trailing Facebook with just over 170 million. However, many of those users have accounts that are not active due to accounts being created automatically when new users sign up on Gmail and YouTube. For this reason many people have called Google+ a “ghost town.”

To combat this perception Google+ has started to hold “hangouts” with famous celebrities in an attempt to showcase their product. Earlier this week it was Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson hosting a hangout to interact with fans and promote their upcoming movie. Today, just two days after the State of the Union, the President will host a hangout titled, “Fireside” in which he will field questions that have been submitted from users. The video session, which will begin streaming at 4:30 EST on both YouTube and Google+, is not the first time Obama has used the social media to interact with people of the USA. While campaigning for reelection Obama used the popular website Reddit to interact with patrons, and previously in 2011 he held a Twitter town hall in which he fielded questions submitted via Twitter users.  A video recap of Obama’s Twitter town hall can be seen below.


Obama has shown an enthusiasm to embrace his role in the world with social media. He has shown a willingness to use and adapt to the changing social media platform. While he has been in office both Twitter and Facebook have exploded and become pillars in our present society, and when he was elected Google+ and Pinterest were just ideas. With social media growing seemingly every day, events like these go a long way in ensuring Obama is remembered as our first “digital president.”