Happy Monday!  Did you watch the The Grammys last night?  Our intern, Ben W., recounts this weekend’s biggest winner.

Justin Timberlake had a weekend to remember. It began Thursday when Anheuser-Busch announced the hiring of Timberlake as the creative director for Bud Light Platinum. This came a week after Alicia Keys was named creative director for Blackberry and continues the trend that began with Marc Jacobs as creative director of Diet Coke. Timberlake’s impact was immediate. Last Saturday, his first commercial with the company aired during the Grammy’s. It featured Timberlake’s newest single “Suit and Tie.”  The “Platinum Night” spot can be seen below:

This was only the beginning of Timberlake’s impact on the Grammy’s. He performed “Suit and Tie” as well as two other songs from his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience which will be released March 19. Jay-Z is featured on the song and left his seat to join Timberlake on stage.  He also ended the night performing a sold out show at The Hollywood Palladium.  Timberlake Instagrammed and Tweeted throughout the night, creating his own hashtag #JTGrammys.


The six-time Grammy winner has continued the trend of employment instead of endorsement for celebrities. Timberlake has gone a step further in order to promote his new album.  In a duel effort, after taking an ownership claim in Myspace in 2011, JT teased his new song and album back in September on the Myspace homepage.  Myspace has been redesigned, with a horizontal, image heavy design, and has been headlined by Timberlake’s most recent single “Suit and Tie.”


Did you watch The Grammys?  What do you think about Justin Timberlake’s latest business and marketing decisions?  Let us know in the comments section.