This weekend’s industry news was largely about Twitter’s new video sharing application, Vine.  Our intern Katie explains all the details:

Twitter made a huge impression around the world last Thursday, January 24 when it revealed its new social video app Vine.  The app inspires creativity in its users only allotting six seconds per video.  The short amount of time stays true to Twitter’s brief 140-character Tweets.  Instead of creative words and sentences, the question Vine asks is- how much can its users pack into only six seconds of video?

Vine has the potential to be a sensation.  It is something new and exciting for users and companies to play around with while also showing a quick peek into the mind behind the lens, simply by holding a finger to the screen a video is created.  The video pauses recording when the finger is removed and then starts back up again from the latest point when a finger is placed back on the screen.  This way of recording allows for users to either record a straight six-second video or fill the six seconds with a group of small clips.  Something that is going to be very interesting is to see how individuals, as well as brands and companies, will use the allotted six seconds.  GAP is one of a few companies that has begun to use Vine for advertising.

As of today the app is iOS only, sorry Android users, and can be logged in with Twitter or email.  If logged in through with Twitter, Vine pulls information from your Twitter account to create your Vine profile, which can then be changed at any time.  There are many different tips along the way to help users get started with the app and making a first video.  Other than constantly publishing their own videos, Vine’s users get access to an explore page filled with editor’s picks, most popular videos of today, and even a browse by topic page.  Below are some of yesterday’s Editor’s top picks.

What do you think?  Have you downloaded Vine yet?  Will it be the next social media sensation?  Let us know in the comments section!