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Fun Friday posts are back!  This week’s post is also Nathan’s first entry.  We think he did a great job capturing the excitement leading up to this year’s Super Bowl.

In just over a week millions of people will come together to watch Super Bowl XLVII. During that time many viewers will be focused on the game, but a large number will be watching for the commercials as well. This is the one of the few events of the year when the commercials are part of the show, and companies around the world know that. Your usual suspects (Doritos’, Anheuser-Busch, GoDaddy, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi) will be making their appearances, but the way these commercials are being chosen is starting to change. Social Media is impacting these commercials more and more every year. This year, many companies are either letting fans choose the entirety of the commercial or at least the commercial’s ending. Coca-Cola, for example, will be airing a minute long spot in the first quarter in which three groups of people race for a Coke; however, the commercial ends in a cliff-hanger. They are currently collecting votes from fans selecting who will win the race and will air that thirty second clip at the conclusion of the game. The minute long cliff-hanger can be seen below.

Doritos’, for the seventh year in a row, has taken fan submissions for commercials and will choose which one to air on Super Bowl Sunday. These are just some of the many examples of how companies are using the internet and social media to interact with fans and find out what kind of advertisements they really like.

The only downside is that many of the best commercials are being seen weeks or more early and are no longer a surprise to many people. This takes some of the fun and spontaneity out of watching the game. But, with advertisers spending 3.5 or 4 million dollars for a Super Bowl ad, many are using social media to create teasers or build up excitement as an extended platform.  The past two years Chrysler has done just the opposite, keeping their Super Bowl commercials under lock and key until the second it is aired across the nation. Using this method, Chrysler created two of the most memorable super bowl commercials in the last two years.

2011’s spot:

2012’s spot:

As technology grows, companies continue to embrace change and try to interact with their customers.  It will be interesting to watch as companies try to use different methods to try and maximize exposure and excitement.  Regardless of how the ads are delivered or introduced, with over 48 million people tuned in to the game on February 3, the interesting and original ones will sure to be remembered most.

Which spots are you most excited for?  Will you be watching the Super Bowl more for the game or for the advertisements?  Have you participated in any of the social media campaigns mentioned above?  Let us know in the comments section!