It’s that time of year!  Since last Thursday, the State Fair and it’s “Bumper Crop of Fun” has invaded NC State Fairgrounds.  An occasion marked with tradition for many families and farmers, the North Carolina State Fair is the largest 11-day event in North Carolina.  Over 118,000 people already stopped by on Saturday alone.


Whether you are drawn to the Fair for its petting zoo, Ferris Wheel or entertainment acts—the overarching theme driving people to Raleigh each year seems to be the deep-fried food.  There is fried mac n’ cheese, fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, fried Kool-Aid and even a deep-fried bacon cinnamon roll.  In the past, the State Fair received notoriety for the “Krispy Kreme Burger,” with a normal hamburger patty and melted cheese in between a sliced Krispy Kreme doughnut.  New this year, and already dubbed the new “it” food by the News & Observer, are the deep-fried Girl Scout cookies at S2 Concessions.  From the North Carolina Coastal Pines chapter of the Girl Scouts, be sure to check out the Caramel deLites—otherwise known as a fried Samoas, for $5 a tray.


If you’re trying to stay true to your diet, there is still plenty of excitement beyond just the fried food.  This year’s fair is offering two new rides: the Genesis and the Rock Star.  The Genesis is something of a faster Ferris Wheel, while the Rock Star is more for the thrill-seeker visitors.  Both are sure to stick out along the Midway and have been decorated with energy-efficient LED lights.


There are also a host of events throughout the State Fair’s run this year.  From horse shows, to livestock, beer, peanut, wine and other special cooking competitions, there are plenty of North Carolina’s agriculture and crafts on display.  Be sure to check out the competition schedules to make sure you don’t miss any of the ones you might be interested in seeing this weekend!  Exhibits ranging in machinery and petting zoos to flowers and water conservation also will be available throughout the eleven days.

Once again, the State Fair continues to draw legitimate artists and entertainment acts.  Tickets to see Garner-native and former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery on October 15th actually sold out so quickly he agreed to perform another show the following night.  A capella groups from NC State, UNC and Duke performed on the Fair’s opening night.  Music stars Jake Owen, Hot Chelle Rae and Jason Michael Carroll have already performed in Dorton Arena.  Tickets to see Brian McKnight, Billy Currington and Corey Smith are still on sale.

No matter what you’re interested in, the North Carolina State Fair is sure to be an entertaining weekend activity for everyone.  For those outside of the Triangle, Amtrak is offering a special schedule and daily round trip packages throughout the state.

We, at Intrepid, are super excited to stop by the Fairgrounds tomorrow for a fun, company excursion.  Pictures are sure to follow!

Have you gone to the Fair yet?  What is your favorite fried food?  Have you tried out the new rides?  Let us know what we should make sure not to miss tomorrow!