Monday kicked off New York City’s annual Advertising Week. The five day conference brings together the world’s premier marketing and communications leaders to participate in over 200 events focused on key business drivers and how they shape and influence the global industry. This year marks a different feel from previous advertising weeks, with a noticeable emphasis of digital marketing and social media tactics.

So what exactly has been going on at this year’s Advertising Week? Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Amazon, AT&T, LG and Panasonic attend seminars and presentations where they discuss how their emerging technologies will impact marketing in the coming months and beyond.


Facebook took the opportunity to answer questions about the efficacy of buying advertising on its site, questions that were widespread even before the company’s disappointing initial public offering.

Brad Smallwood, the director of pricing and measurement at Facebook, faced skepticism from attendees over the effectiveness of facebook advertising. Smallwood said, “If you ran a campaign in the last five years, you focused on clicks, but demand fulfillment is only one piece of the marketing puzzle.”

For those still skeptical whether Facebook Ads were helping them, Smallwood presented findings from a study that measured 70% of the campaigns enjoyed three times greater returns on their budgets.

At another presentation, Joel Lunenfeld, vice president for global brand strategy at Twitter, shared information about the relationships people have with brands on Twitter, saying that nine out of 10 Twitter users follow at least one brand.

Advertising Week has also turned into a so called “coming-out party” for Amazon’s ad business, an ecosystem of devices, owned websites and an ad network that can target 180 million users based on what they’ve browsed or bought in the past.

Anyone wishing to stay up to date on all of Advertising Week is in luck.  Amobee has created an app that helps users navigate their way through the sessions, parties and activities, which take place all over the city.  It’s available for iOS and Android devices at this link.