Last week, in an announcement on the Today Show, Twitter launched its new design layout. The new profile update allows users to customize their Twitter profiles by adding a header photo, in addition to the existing profile picture and background, which means businesses now have even more real estate for branding. The common concern though, is if it will be too much for page viewers.

The Today Show’s Twitter profile with a header photo

With the new profile layout, an account’s Twitter avatar will be in the middle of the header photo. Much like when Facebook introduced the Timeline design, businesses will have to decide how they want to work with their avatar and header photo.  The creative examples below show users who chose to incorporate their avatar with a header photo.



As seen with the Today Show’s Twitter layout, these accounts have managed to blend their respective avatar with the header.  For the businesses and accounts still questioning whether to upload a header photo, know that you aren’t alone.  So far, only 8% of the top brands have done so.  Again, much like Facebook’s transition to Timeline, Twitter has also afforded users a few more months before their account must have a header photo.

It will take some trial and error for some companies to find the right fit.  What is immediately clear, though, is that Twitter is now much more invested in the mobile experience and more of a photo heavy platform.  To upload a header photo, follow Twitter’s directions here.    Your original image size cannot exceed 1252×626 pixels.

What do you think of Twitter’s redesign?  Have you uploaded a header photo yet?