Happy Friday!  This Fun Friday post welcomes both college football season and Scott, one of our new fall interns, to Intrepid’s blog.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Texas A&M stars in College GameDay commercial

Being able to host College Gameday is always an honor for many colleges. This provides your school national recognition and pulls fans in numerous amounts together to your campus. Texas A&M will host and star in a GameDay commercial after their fans won an online voting contest powered mainly by social media.

The contest asked fans from more than 100 schools to vote directly onto GameDayVote.com or by using Facebook. This was the first time that fan input decided an ad shoot location for the college football season.

Desmond Howard, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN’s College Gameday

College Gameday always provides fan interaction wherever they are. This time social media aided them in getting fans involved at a high rate. Over the 10 day period that the contest ran, close to a million votes were registered. It was a true test to determine if your school really was the 12th man on the field.

The advertisement highlights the Midnight Yell tradition at Texas A&M. This tradition is similar to a pep rally. On the night before home games once midnight strikes yell leaders will lead students and fans in “yells” and songs. In the advertisement the Midnight Yell wakes up an upset Lee Corso.

It will make its first TV appearance on Sept. 3.  Here is a preview:


Regardless if your school won, college football and College Gameday is back!  Time to see if Corso will select your school’s mascot to wear! Tune in to College Gameday this Saturday at 10am live on ESPN.

Are you excited for college football season?  Did you vote for your school’s campus to be featured on College Gameday?