Want to know the best ways for your company to use social media? Also want to know “Why Your Small Business Should Think Like a Comedian”? Head over to Mashable.com where there’s everything from helpful technology tips to hilarious videos.

The variety of information found on Mashable is staggering in and of itself. They have everything from Entertainment to Technology to Business. The How-To part of the Social Media section could be its own site. They range from broad lists like “4 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base” to more specific tips like “A Complete Guide to Facebook Lists.” Whatever help your company made need with social media, Mashable.com is the first place to look. And of course if you get bored, you can always head over to Mashable’s “Watercooler” section where you can find future viral video hits.

With such a large amount of information being posted on their website, how does Mashable’s Twitter page manage to maintain its nearly 3 million followers? The answer may surprise you: variety. Their page isn’t just full useful social media tips, for that would limit their followers. Instead, they tweet both the fun and informational. For example, they tweeted a link to an article called “How to Reach Out to Potential Employers on Social Media” and then four minutes later a link to “15 Adorable Animal-Shaped iPhone Cases.” Although your company will find the first more beneficial, it may be hard to fight the urge to find out what those iPhone cases look like.

@Mashable Twitter Account

Mashable’s content isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. Looking at how the company itself utilizes social media would also prove helpful to your company. (Just look at their Twitter background). The three pictures tweeted by Mashable are all from their Instagram account – an easy way to get your followers to follow you somewhere else. But if their constant tweeting is too much for you, check out their Facebook page, which has just as much informative topics as their Twitter and even more pictures.    Mashable also has a strong presence on Pinterest.  Their Pinterest page boasts over 300,000 followers and has boards that range from Tech & Gadgets and Infographics to Pets Gone Digital and Nerdy Weddings.  An interesting thing to note: their Facebook Page has different posts than their Twitter, which are both different from the content they produce on Pinterest.

Mashable’s Pinterest Page

Mashable is a great site for small companies, big businesses, men, women, and students alike. It’s helpful, it’s funny, and it will without a doubt improve your company’s outlook on social media. Your first visit to Mashable.com will more than likely not be your last.

What do you think of Mashable? Too much info or just enough?