The Olympic Games have a long standing tradition of connecting people from all over the world,  even more so now in the age of social media. The 2012 London Olympics, already being touted as the “first social games,” will be  the most televised Olympic Games yet.  Smartphone usage during the cycling races caused technical problems with the bikes’ GPS systems. Twitter has become a platform for complaints about NBC’s coverage of the Games.  Two Olympic athletes have even been booted from the Games because of controversial tweets.

With so much Olympic information being shared via the Internet and social media, we thought it would be fun to gather some of the most interesting facts we’ve come across thus far.  Think you’re pretty knowledgeable  about social media, marketing and the Olympics? Test your knowledge with the quiz below.


1. What were the first Olympic Games to be televised?

A)     Summer 1953

B)     Winter 1960

C)     Summer 1964

D)     Winter 1972

2. Who was the first commercial sponsor fo the Olympic Games

A)     McDonald’s

B)     P&G

C)     Oroweat

D)     Coca-Cola

3. Who was the first Olympic athlete to be kicked out of the Games because of something posted on Twitter?

A)     Scott Hamiltin

B)     Michel Morganella

C)     Voula Papachristou

D)     Sumner Paine

4. Which athlete holds the record for most gold medals in one Olympic Game?

A)     Michael Phelps

B)     Takashi Ono

C)     Larisa Latynina

D)     Nikolay Andrianov

5. How old was the oldest man to win gold in the Summer Olympics?

A)     64

B)     67

C)     69

D)     71

6. What product was a sponsor of the Olympic Games that was later banned as a sponsorship category?

A)     Heineken “British Bitter”

B)     Viagra

C)     BP gas

D)     “Olympia” cigarettes

7. Which member of the Royal family will compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics?

A)     Prince Henery

B)     Queen Elizabeth

C)     Anne Louise

D)     Zara Philips

8. What is the summer 2012 Olympics offical mascot?

A)     Wenlock

B)     Hidi

C)     Mandeville

D)     Waldi

9. What Olympic Games marked the launch of the first international marketing program?

A)     Summer 1952

B)     Winter 1956

C)     Winter 1964

D)     Summer 1964

10. Which of the following is not a sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics?

A)     Visa

B)     McDonald’s

C)     Budweiser

D)     BMW


1. B

2. D

Coca-Cola was the first commercial sponsor of the Olympic Games

3. C

4. A

5. A

6. D


“Olympia” cigarettes

7. D

8. A and C

Wenlock and Mandeville are the 2012 Olympics official mascots

9. A

10. C

How many trivia questions did you get right?