Tonight, the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony is set to capture the attention of the world. Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will debut his latest creation: a tribute to his home nation of Great Britain with appearances from James Bond, Paul McCartney, and British citizens of all ages. The 2012 Opening Ceremony is titled “The Isles of Wonder” and hopefully, as with Boyle’s hit Slumdog Millionaire, the event will be a “Best Picture” in the minds of the billions watching.


The United Kingdom is famous for numerous things, and Boyle is aiming to showcase the very best. The short film, starring James Bond, will supposedly start off the ceremony and take place in Buckingham Palace. Although some has been leaked, the question of whether or not the Queen will be making an appearance in the clip remains. What other tidbits that we do not know yet?  What Prince William and his wife Kate will be wearing?  And, despite the fact that no one has confirmed a performance by McCartney, we’d like to assume it is one of the safest bets to make concerning the Opening Ceremony.

But the United Kingdom is not only known for Bond and the Beatles. There have been talks of Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, and, of course, Voldemort making appearances. It is nearly impossible to keep anything a secret these days, but Boyle and his team have tried their hardest. They even created a hashtag for Twitter users: #savethesurprise. Apparently, that was the first thing displayed at the opening ceremony rehearsal.

We do know that the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world will ring to mark the beginning of this worldwide event. However, one aspect of the show has yet to be revealed. No one, not even the President of the International Olympic Committee, knows who will light the Olympic torch. David Beckham has been the choice at the rumor mill, but the soccer star told the Today Show that he believes an Olympian should do it, which he has yet to be.


The logistics of the ceremony are as follows: it will open with the Head of State of the Host Country, in this case Queen Elizabeth, being greeted by the President of the International Olympic Committee. Then comes the Parade of Athletes, a long line of Olympians proudly waving their flags and hands to the world. Following the parade are a few speeches and, finally, the Queen will declare the games open. The world will then get to experience an event that will go down in history, without a single medal being awarded.

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