Happy Friday!  In a new installment of our blog, we are welcoming in a weekly ‘Fun Friday’ post in celebration of the GIF’s 25th birthday.  Originally introduced as a more versatile, sharable alternative to JPEG photo files—the GIF has come a long way from cheesy clip-art animation of the 90s, to a key part of internet culture.

The graphics interchange format (GIF) was first invented in 1987 by a team at CompuServe looking for a compressed, color image format to make transferring pictures easier.  In something out of Harry Potter, the GIF files run on an animation loop of a few seconds to make the pictures seem to come alive.  The GIF’s quarter century history may have started with the humble beginnings of animated planes, fires and under construction signs.  Now, countless Tumblr and Reddit websites are solely dedicated to sharing GIFs.

Spawned off of the hilarious #WhatShouldWeCallMe page, hundreds of sites are now fueled solely on GIFs dedicated to specific topics.  In what has been deemed as a celebration of everyday moments, you can probably find a GIF on this website to describe almost anything.  From:

Waking up on a Monday


To The First Time Living Alone


And even during finals week, when someone asks me how I am


#WhatShouldWeCallMe has found a way to capture countless of inside jokes and express them in a way everyone can appreciate.

In honor of GIF’s birthday, BuzzFeed compiled GIF’s chronicling the biggest events since 1987 and The Atlantic creatively outlined the history of GIFs using GIFs in a #WhatShouldWeCallMe me format.  Mashable, which routinely posts the Top 10 GIFs of the week, dedicated a post to the 25th birthday as well.  While the pronunciation of GIF varies and has been debated, we think the GIF is a brilliant way to share.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday with a few of our favorite GIFs from #WhatShouldWeCallMe and the Raleigh specific site #RaleighRunoff:


In Mario Kart, when I make the Koopa Troopa Beach short-cut


What its like at the intersection of 5 Points during rush hour



What its like when I contemplate which way the Inner and Outer Beltline Goes