Happy belated Father’s Day!  In accordance with our weekly Winner of the Weekend posts, we wanted to take a moment to recognize all the Dads out there and dub them this weekend’s winners.

While Mother’s Day dates all the way back to 1914, fathers have only enjoyed a national holiday since Richard Nixon signed a permanent U.S. Father’s Day into law in 1972.  And, as the LA Times reported last Friday, Americans spent about $18.6 million on Mother’s Day this year—compared to a projected $12.7 billion on Father’s Day.  But, before you cast your pity vote to fathers for their lack of recognition in comparison to their female counterparts, it is important to note that the National Retail Federation reported that the average person will spend approximately $117.14 on dad’s gifts this year.  Seems dads didn’t do so poorly after all!

For all the number crunchers out there, be sure to check out CNN’s Father’s Day, by the numbers blog post for some interest facts.  For example, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending occasion with 94 million cards exchanged annually.  And, did you know that there are 1.7 million single fathers in the United States last year and 170,000 single fathers raising three or more children?  They might be the most deserving winners of all.

Google honored dads in the best way Google knows how—with the Google Doodle.  Described as fun, surprising and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and more, this year’s Doodle has already been touted by PC Magazine as the best Father’s Day Doodle to date.  The video below outlines the history of the Father’s Day Doodle in recent history:


How did you celebrate Father’s Day?  Which Doodle is your favorite?